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IMI-Z1240: One Piece Polymer Holster for Smith & Wesson J Frame Revolver

One Piece Polymer Holster for Smith & Wesson revolver
Fits all Smith & Wesson J Frame .38, S&W M60, S&W M637

High tech space age polymer, manufactured using a single injection molding process. This unique design allows us to create a holster like no other with no rivets.

289,00 kr.

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Features and benefits:

• The holster holds closer to the body than any other paddle holster on the market.
• No joints also means no weak areas to break, to loosen, and the operator will not get a slapping effect while running or being active.
• Lifetime warranty that will probably never be needed since one piece construction won’t wear.
• 15 degree forward cant (FBI style) for most aggressive tactical presentation.