5-30x50 Longrange Hunt Gen. III - A4 DDoptics Riflescope
  • 5-30x50 Longrange Hunt Gen. III - A4 DDoptics Riflescope
  • 5-30x50 Longrange Hunt Gen. III - A4 DDoptics Riflescope
  • 5-30x50 Longrange Hunt Gen. III - A4 DDoptics Riflescope
  • 5-30x50 Longrange Hunt Gen. III - A4 DDoptics Riflescope

5-30x50 Longrange Hunt Gen. III - A4 DDoptics Riflescope

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Jagt, præcision på lange afstande og jagt design

Nachtfalke 5-30x50 Tactical er et kikkertsigte med 6X zoom og innovativ teknologi. Med sine robuste 2 mm tykke rammevægge overstiger disse optikker endog militære standarder. Den taktiske reticle justering tårn er lavet af aluminiumslegering og indeholder ikke plastikdele. Alle aluminiumsdele er udstyret med DDoptics 'nye, finkornede, anodiserede belægning. De skinnende reticle justeringskomponenter fundet på 5-20x50 er elimineret i 5-30x50. Den veldefinerede, præcise, faste T-klikjustering garanterer absolut præcision og repeterbar nøjagtighed.

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  • - new CT glass (clear transmission)
  • - zerostop (for zero position)
  • - doubleturn (double scales)
  • - lateral adjustment with opposing scales (wind left-right)
  • - very high resolution
  • - discreet hunting edition with small towers

  • The perfect riflescope for the hunt on long distances

    High magnifications with less light
    The hunt in large field terrain demands a lot of the riflescope. High magnification makes safe targeting possible even on large distances, but it is important to have usable image luminosity even under high magnification. The 5-30x50 hunting riflescope was created especially for this purpose. The discreet hunting design conceals the capacity of this riflescope. The small reticle adjustment towers don't fall behind the bigger tactical adjustment towers.

    Optical performance
    The extra elaborate HD optics offers a colour accurate image rich in contrasts and with excellent ridge acuity properties due to a specially developed coating which doesn't allow any reflexes or stray light even with 30x magnification. The colour ridges could be reduced to a minimum. That way the Nachtfalke 5-30x50 Tactical can also be used as a spotting scope and to safely target on long distances.

    Hunting A4N illuminated reticle
    The riflescope Nachtfalke 5-30x50 - A4N has the succesful, modern reticle 4 N.

    New reticle 4N for minimal target blocking
    Looking through the new riflescope generation III the user immediately notices the practice-oriented design:

    The crosshairs of the reticle 4N are a lot more delicate and the slightly thicker outer bars are now only half as thick und thus noticeably farther apart. A big advantage for the hunter especially during bad light conditions as it covers the target only minimally and thus a safe and rapid shot is ideally supported.

    The reticle is on the ocular plane (2nd image plane). That way it always stays the same size during change of magnification. Even under 30x magnification the crosshairs only cover 3,91mm on a distance of 100m and the field of view under this maximum magnification still is 1,1m on 100m. The riflescope allows for lightning fast targeting. The reticle adjusts 1/8 MOA (minute of angle) per click, equalling 3,65mm on 100m. This translates to a impact position change of about 10mm per click on 300m.

    New features
    What's new with the riflescopes of the newest generation? 
    At first sight 3 changes are obvious. 
    1. The magnification adjustment ring of the scope was changed noticeably and now offers more grip with its rougher structure. 
    2. The reticle 4 was made strikingly finer and offers more space in the middle. 
    3. The reticle adjustment of the scopes is made of metal, more defined and possesses doubleturn and zerostop.

    Robust adjustment mechanics for the hard use with zerostop & ASV 
    The reticle adjustment towers of the DDoptics riflescopes of the Gen. III are made of a robust aluminium alloy and have no plastic parts. All aluminium parts are coated with the new anti-shine DDoptics fine black anodised coating. The adjustment mechanics was changed to the tactical edition meaning they are not only very shock-resistant and completely watertight but also hard-going and thus protected against involuntary changes. That way the reticle adjustment can be used openly (without protection) during the hunt which enables fast adjustment of the reticle depending on the situation.

    Quick adjustment with zerostop 
    The amount of click adjustments can be seen on the double scale (doubleturn) of the hight adjustment tower and be adjusted accordingly. After test shooting the reticle adjustment can be put on zero. Then the zerostop ring is turned until the stop. After that the zero adjustment is adjusted via the zerostop ring from below in order to reach an impact at the position zero. From the position zero different target distances can be preadjusted with a marker system. The lateral adjustment has two opposing scales. That way the reticle can be preadjusted according to wind direction and wind intensity or a possible movement of the target starting at the zero position.

    Complete adjustment range:
    436 clicks
    equals 54 MOA
    equals 27,25 MOA per side

    The parallax compensation guarantees a razor sharp and effortless image starting at 25m and corrects the diagonal insight and resulting shooting errors.

      Technische Details


    742 g






    5-30 x

    Objektivdurchmesser Linse

    50 Ø der Linse in mm

    Austrittspupille Ø in mm

    10,44 -1,62 mm


    15,0 -38,7

    Sehfeld 100m

    7,2-1,1 m

    Sehfeld 109yd


    Augenabstand in mm

    90,5-91,5 mm


    -3 bis +3


    New Absehen 4

    Leuchtpunkt II


    Absehen Bildebene

    2. Bildebene

    Absehenverstell / Klick

    1/8 MOA

    Absehenverstellung (Skalierung)


    Max. Verstellweg

    +-27,25 MOA


    20-500 - ∞


    fine black

    Mittelrohr Ø in mm

    30 mm

    ASV Zerostop


    Objektiv Ø außen in mm


    Okular Ø in mm

    40,5 mm

    Gesamtlänge in mm

    348 mm


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